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Join with your friends to rule the uncivilized land of Eden Rising! Enter the magnificent and dangerous world of Eden, where mysterious ruins and wild creatures are found. The war between the two powers has been raging for millennia. Your arrival has reawakened the brutal feud between the creatures and the ancient machines - the crucibles.

You're bound to the mysterious crucibles - the only sanctuaries in this strange wilderness - and must protect them from the evil waves of attack. Your commitment does not go unrewarded: in exchange, the Tanks promised you to make you the new god of this world if you survive. Exchange your humanity for power, use traditional technology and master this strange world!

● Discover a magnificent, open world with an exotic flora and fauna
● Build unique weapons and tanks, traps, and defenses to protect your base
● 8 player co-op; Create your own server for your friends or log in to an open server
● Adjust your server difficulty for logs of any size and control the challenge

Join a nomad tribe.It is dangerous to travel alone - therefore unite a vast alien empire full of intrigue and danger. Share resources, coordinate strategies, and choose your role in the root. Ingenuity and teamwork are key to taking advantage of powerful enemies and tackling the challenges ahead in a unique co-op experience.

Enter a vibrant, untamed world.Discoveries, explorations and dangers are waiting for you in Eden - a unique alien landscape full of ancient ruins, high peaks and a strange flora. All biological zones contain environmental hazards and valuable materials, but are also home to deadly creatures in the most varied shapes and sizes.

Get the right tools for the task.The world of Eden is full of useful materials waiting to be discovered. Use them to build unique weapons and armor to tame the land. Take advantage of various types of combat, weapons and equipment to overwhelm your enemies.

Be a bulwark against the hordes of enemy creatures.Upgrading your crucible will give you more power, but be careful - you'll have to lower the shields and give your base an attack! Protect them with many of your built traps and defenses, prepare for the slaughter and call your tribe to arms. Defeat the waves of evil creatures in epic siege scenarios and defend your pot!

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⚙ System requirements

  • Operating system:Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor:Intel 2.3 Ghz Core i5 or AMD equivalent
  • Random access memory:6 GB RAM
  • Graphic:GeForce GTX 560 or AMD equivalent
  • space:5 GB available space

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